Are you getting or thinking of getting a tattoo and being put off by the thought of pain from the needle? Some tattoos can be more painful than others, however this can be overcome using EMLA cream.

Woman tattoo master is making tattoo flower on the woman's back

EMLA cream is a topical anaesthetic which numbs the skin. EMLA cream is a great numbing cream as it can be easily applied by squeezing an amount onto the skin surface and then rubbing in.

It is a good idea to speak to your Tattoo artist about using EMLA cream as they will be able to give you personal advice. In general, EMLA cream should be applied to the skin approximately one hour before you are due to have your tattoo so that it has time to numb the skin before the injections begin. To ensure that maximum effect is retained, it is a good idea to wrap the area of skin in film once the cream has been applied until the point of when the tattoo starts.

Many people who have had many tattoos swear by EMLA skin numbing cream due to how effective and simple it is at numbing the skin area prior to the tattoo, completely taking the edge of the pain which can be experienced during tattoos.

EMLA cream is available from UK Authorised pharmacies such as First4Meds. It is important to buy EMLA cream from a registered pharmacy to ensure the product you receive is safe and genuine. Companies such as First 4 Meds sell the product in handy packs containing wraps and gauze for use after your injection.

When buying EMLA numbing cream from UK Pharmacies such as First4Meds, be sure to checkout the other high quality tattoo aftercare products available.